22 avril 2013

second test / sculpting with grey air drying clay

hello, Here a second attempt on making a doll with the grey natural clay ...fun to work with but when it dries , it cracks .. a lot. I made a dryad female ona piece of wood ( branch) and I hope I will be able to paint her ..  
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12 avril 2013

Sculpting with gray airdrying clay : first attempt

sculpting with polymer clay is impossible for the moment and so i tried out an airdrying clay just to see what comes out ... well, Ok , this fairy is not perfect at all , but the clay i used allows me to sculpt small figures and that already made my day just knwong that sculpting with darwi ( also an airdrying clay ) is just IMPOSSIBLE !!! So let me show you how this airdrying clay fairy looks like ; Not bad for a first attempt, huh !!  
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12 avril 2013

New faerie paper collage and mystic painting

hello , Im baaaaaack !!!! I started back on sculpting but at the smae time I amsued myself with some faerie paper collage and I experienced with ecoline paint on a canvas which was ...hmmhhh... very messy ahahhahaha here a picture of the collage .al the paper pieces come from womon's magasines like "Flair", "Libelle", ...  She got a special place in the living room of a friend ...merci , Noemie ;-) and here a picture of my painting ... even if I must say there was nothing much to paint hahahah
29 août 2012

smallest fairy pendant EVER

Hello , I felt  very proud and honored when I  got the following pictures of a friend wearing one of my fairy pendants . I can definitely confirm it must be the smallest fairy I sculpted EVER !!!   It’s a polymer clay fairy sculpted on a metallic jewelry ornament and painted /glazed) with a mixture of "monalisa " glaze and pearl ex powder . Thank, Fien, for the great pictures and thank you being such beautiful model J
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15 juillet 2012

new fairy collages

just to let you know Im sculpting a lot , but you 'll have to wait some little time to see the finished creation . In mean while, enjoy some some new fairy colllages :  
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05 juillet 2012

WIP of Stone whisperers

hello everybody , Im proud to introduce a new character in my faerie world : the tiny stone whisperers. For so many years Iv wanted to use stones but I didnt know how untill last week .   I started with the base : some rocks on a mettalic lid from used glass jars. Once the base ready I sculpted some gnome figures on them and cure in the oven . Now I had to give some finishing details The diffciulty was to make the clay figure "melting "with the rock like they were one . Amazing what you can do with some simple rocks ,... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2012

Working with Powertex - a modern vase

I wanted to make something special and unique for my mother on mother's day and I decided to make a vase using a round shaped styrofoam and powertex . I started by giving the styrofoam some texture by removing bits and pieces with a knife . Then I "painted" the styrofoam with bronze colored powertex and then finished with stone art powder and leave it to dry Then, I repeated the same procedure but with the ivory colored Powertex untill I became this result . I aslo fixed 3 glass tubes ( at the floral art... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2012

wip 2 of Lady Bijou

hello , I continued working on this lady . I made the lower body with flat shoe laces , soaked in bronze coloured Powertex which I turned around the lower body base . I must admit ...powertex is a great product but very messy to work with ... The head cover has been painted with the same powertex . The upperbody was painted with the pink wall paint and given extra swung with mettalic paint ( violet) . I also used this paint on little details like the necklaces and head cover ... Painting the face features ...and adding flowery... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2012


  Hello dear friends, After two full years I finally picked up my courage and my clay !! I start off making creations as gifts and “give aways” before I start selling or exposing anything . I’m very happy with my never-ending imagination and unique style but my sculpting level could get better . So this year will be a learning process in which I hope I will get better sculpting results and get that peace of mind and body I’m still searching for . OK, stop talking and start sculpting ahhahaha . As usual, I start with the... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2012

Im back / Sculpting again !!

    hello , after two years on hold, Im back behind my sculpting table with a lot of enthousiasm and my head full of ideas and inspiration !!! Thanks for keeping posted , we are gonna have a lot of fun sculpting and sharing again !!!  I will post  pictures of my new creations and creative news very soon !! Annabel                  
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