Djee, it has already been a month or so ago that I exposed at Troll & Legends ..which was a huge succes by the way !!! I had a great sale and a looot of fun !!! It was sooo great to meet my "sculpting" friends again , I woudn't have done it without their support :  

Martine & her amazing gourd Gnomes :

IMGP6340  IMGP6341  IMGP6351

And also Chantal (Miss Troll) and her colorful trolls :

IMGP6366 IMGP6367 IMGP6359 IMGP6360


I ve also had the pleasure to get to meet a very talented hat designer :

IMGP6363  IMGP6364 IMGP6365

Trolls & Legends is not only a great sales expo but a great place to meet special and magical beings :

IMGP6328 IMGP6329 IMGP6330 IMGP6337 IMGP6338 IMGP6361


and because Im such a music fanatic, I couldn't  resist to enchantement of the faerie music !!!

IMGP6327 IMGP6354 IMGP6374

I would like to thank eveyone for your visit at my stand , the great comments and reactions and of course to those who adopted one of my creations into their homes .You have no idea how blessed I feel !!!!!

 Im looking forward to the next Trolls & Legends in 2013 !!!