Thank God I was able to finish this next fairy for my Trolls é Legends expo this weekend !!!

her head and upperbody are made of fimo clay . Her eyes are closed .


 She has no legs , the lower body has been replaced by a white chandeler . The body has been draped with pieces of different kinds of fabric and I fixed them on the body with tacky glue . The wings Im trying on her are made by the talented Fairy doll maker "Astrid Mulder" .


Then, ,the arms are made with fimo clay on mettalic wire and attached to the body ; then some coton is wrapped around the wire to give the arms the necessary volume . So as you can see the arms wil remain flexible so their position can always be changed .

IMGP6246  IMGP6247

Then the eyes are painted , the hair and wings fixed on the body and after adding the final decoration items I will be shower her off next weeknd hihhi ...

tatsaaaa ..My I present you my fairy Sinnerella . She ended up being 42 cm tall !!!

IMGP6316 IMGP6318 IMGP6315