14 mars 2016

WIP = the dream safe keeper

hey people !! Such a loong time ..well you know how it goes ... But I was really happy to pickup my clay again and work on so many projects I left behind ... Remeber this cutie ? Now , check out what she's becoming ... I combined the polymer clay upperbody with (very cheap) airdrying clay form the Action shop I was really impressed beacuse the clay ended up to be marvelous !! Soo nice to work with ..its easy to smooth , kinda elastic...its doesnt crumble thats for sure !!! The clay allowed me to create the impression of... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2014

Chakra Swirl : WIP

"Chakra Swirl ": my idea was of making a woman caught in a magical  swirl of precious stones,representing all the chakras in the body . l'idee est de creer une femme dans une sprirale pleine de pierres precieuses representant tous les 7 chakras dans le corps. I started with the head and torso made of polymer clay completely made with polymer clay Fimo. Still need to add the arms and hair . The biggest challenge will be creating the swirl -spiral with metallic wire ..Ttill figuring out how Im gonna do this ..with a touch of... [Lire la suite]
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27 août 2013

Nex creation : CARACOLE (+ wip pictures)

How sad is it… having so much creations standing on my table and not one is completely finished ppff…But hey , miracles do exist , and this is how my little “Caracol” was born ...She too was taking a lot of dust before she got finished. She waited to come out on a rainy afternoon I guess hihi C’est quand même triste …J’ai tellement des créations sur ma table et aucune qui est finie ppff..Mais ,hey , les miracles existent et voici comment ma petite « Caracole » est née…elle aussi, était en train de prendre de la poussière... [Lire la suite]
14 juin 2013

WIP : fairy getting haircut and wings !!

Thinking about the hairlook for this fairy I just  came by a field full of « meadow barly » (thanks , Google hihi) . En pensant à une  coiffure pour ma creation, me voilà que je passe devant un champ plein d’ Orge faux-seigle (merci google hih)   And check out the result , how cool it that , very “afro” ahahha: I spent 3 hours ( but very fun ones) adding  tiny plugs one by one on the head ; I first added some fress clay on the back of the head so I could insert the tiny plugs Et voila ce que... [Lire la suite]
05 juillet 2012

WIP of Stone whisperers

hello everybody , Im proud to introduce a new character in my faerie world : the tiny stone whisperers. For so many years Iv wanted to use stones but I didnt know how untill last week .   I started with the base : some rocks on a mettalic lid from used glass jars. Once the base ready I sculpted some gnome figures on them and cure in the oven . Now I had to give some finishing details The diffciulty was to make the clay figure "melting "with the rock like they were one . Amazing what you can do with some simple rocks ,... [Lire la suite]
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17 mai 2010

Fimo froggy pendant

My friend Martine, a talented gnome sculptress , is celebrating her birthday in May . She is a huge frog lover and I thought I could make her a entirely handmade pendant with a frog on it ,inspired by the polymer art work of C.Friesen but with a Annabel twist of course hihih I started with a metallic , non flexible necklace ... ...I sculped a leaf and I carved the nerves with a toothpick ...the top of the leave is then folder over the metallic necklace Then, I sculpted another leaf on it ... I continued on... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2010

Baby papillon

In the very beginning of my sculpting and inspired by the photography art of Anne Geddes , I used to make framed butterfly faerie babies like these  ... A lot of people really liked them... Now, in 2010 I though I might start to make them again ... First , I make the baby . The head and body are made of Fimo clay and the hat and diper are made of air drying Modena clay which have been painted afterwards with acrylic paint... The butterfly wings I will use are cut out from butterfly designed wrapping... [Lire la suite]
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