29 août 2012

smallest fairy pendant EVER

Hello , I felt  very proud and honored when I  got the following pictures of a friend wearing one of my fairy pendants . I can definitely confirm it must be the smallest fairy I sculpted EVER !!!   It’s a polymer clay fairy sculpted on a metallic jewelry ornament and painted /glazed) with a mixture of "monalisa " glaze and pearl ex powder . Thank, Fien, for the great pictures and thank you being such beautiful model J
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17 mai 2010

Fimo froggy pendant

My friend Martine, a talented gnome sculptress , is celebrating her birthday in May . She is a huge frog lover and I thought I could make her a entirely handmade pendant with a frog on it ,inspired by the polymer art work of C.Friesen but with a Annabel twist of course hihih I started with a metallic , non flexible necklace ... ...I sculped a leaf and I carved the nerves with a toothpick ...the top of the leave is then folder over the metallic necklace Then, I sculpted another leaf on it ... I continued on... [Lire la suite]
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