14 mars 2016

WIP = the dream safe keeper

hey people !! Such a loong time ..well you know how it goes ... But I was really happy to pickup my clay again and work on so many projects I left behind ... Remeber this cutie ? Now , check out what she's becoming ... I combined the polymer clay upperbody with (very cheap) airdrying clay form the Action shop I was really impressed beacuse the clay ended up to be marvelous !! Soo nice to work with ..its easy to smooth , kinda elastic...its doesnt crumble thats for sure !!! The clay allowed me to create the impression of... [Lire la suite]
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27 août 2013

Nex creation : CARACOLE (+ wip pictures)

How sad is it… having so much creations standing on my table and not one is completely finished ppff…But hey , miracles do exist , and this is how my little “Caracol” was born ...She too was taking a lot of dust before she got finished. She waited to come out on a rainy afternoon I guess hihi C’est quand même triste …J’ai tellement des créations sur ma table et aucune qui est finie ppff..Mais ,hey , les miracles existent et voici comment ma petite « Caracole » est née…elle aussi, était en train de prendre de la poussière... [Lire la suite]
14 juin 2013

WIP : fairy getting haircut and wings !!

Thinking about the hairlook for this fairy I just  came by a field full of « meadow barly » (thanks , Google hihi) . En pensant à une  coiffure pour ma creation, me voilà que je passe devant un champ plein d’ Orge faux-seigle (merci google hih)   And check out the result , how cool it that , very “afro” ahahha: I spent 3 hours ( but very fun ones) adding  tiny plugs one by one on the head ; I first added some fress clay on the back of the head so I could insert the tiny plugs Et voila ce que... [Lire la suite]
29 août 2012

smallest fairy pendant EVER

Hello , I felt  very proud and honored when I  got the following pictures of a friend wearing one of my fairy pendants . I can definitely confirm it must be the smallest fairy I sculpted EVER !!!   It’s a polymer clay fairy sculpted on a metallic jewelry ornament and painted /glazed) with a mixture of "monalisa " glaze and pearl ex powder . Thank, Fien, for the great pictures and thank you being such beautiful model J
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05 juillet 2012

WIP of Stone whisperers

hello everybody , Im proud to introduce a new character in my faerie world : the tiny stone whisperers. For so many years Iv wanted to use stones but I didnt know how untill last week .   I started with the base : some rocks on a mettalic lid from used glass jars. Once the base ready I sculpted some gnome figures on them and cure in the oven . Now I had to give some finishing details The diffciulty was to make the clay figure "melting "with the rock like they were one . Amazing what you can do with some simple rocks ,... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2012

wip 2 of Lady Bijou

hello , I continued working on this lady . I made the lower body with flat shoe laces , soaked in bronze coloured Powertex which I turned around the lower body base . I must admit ...powertex is a great product but very messy to work with ... The head cover has been painted with the same powertex . The upperbody was painted with the pink wall paint and given extra swung with mettalic paint ( violet) . I also used this paint on little details like the necklaces and head cover ... Painting the face features ...and adding flowery... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2012


  Hello dear friends, After two full years I finally picked up my courage and my clay !! I start off making creations as gifts and “give aways” before I start selling or exposing anything . I’m very happy with my never-ending imagination and unique style but my sculpting level could get better . So this year will be a learning process in which I hope I will get better sculpting results and get that peace of mind and body I’m still searching for . OK, stop talking and start sculpting ahhahaha . As usual, I start with the... [Lire la suite]
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13 août 2011

Captured fairy in a picture frame

We stay in the fairy world but no sculpting this time . We are gonna have fun with lots of paper ,cutting and glueing hihih ... I've been inspired by the beautifyl "captured fairies in glass jar " which are fairy sceneries made from paper and put into a glass jar. Well, this is my version .. I will use a flatt picture frame with glass instead of the traditional  . First , you must take quiet some time to search for good pictures into magazines or any other book you want ...but that's something I like doing hihih so I don't... [Lire la suite]
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