15 mars 2009

DABIDA Day on 5th April 2009

This is the 3th edition of the DABIDAY Day which unites the greatest doll makers/ sculptors from the Netherlands & Belgium ; Im looking forward to go and see some awesome creations and this year DABID is proud to have Wendy and Brian Froud as guest of honour !!!! So, Be there !!!! more info : http://www.dabida.eu/page.php?page=Dabida%20Dag202009&PHPSESSID=1de635c69c611bff7a8eac101fb62df5
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06 mars 2009

Gnome becomes alien !

My friend Veronica who runs a fairy shop in Brussels (www.fatamorganashop.canalblog.com ) , found a great mushroom statue to put outside at the shop's door as welcome statue . Unfortunately there was an alien sitting on the mushroom and thats not very appropriate for a fairy shop  ...Some magical transforming work was necessary to make a gnome out of this alien... So, I accepted this make over challenge  and I started to sculpt another face on it with light weight airdrying clay ...before adding the clay... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2009

WIP Gili Flautas

Now here is a wip of a creation Im very proud of , so I also wanted to share with you how I made him. I will be a bagpipe playing gnome . Starting with sculpting the head out of polymer clay (Fimo) and preparing the armature ... Then adding apoxiesculpt (Aves) to create a body ... Adding arms and clothes made of polymer clay (Fimo)   adding fabric pieces to finish the costume and add painting details I also created the bagpipe all by myself with tootchpicks , apoxysculpt and a piece of felted... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2009

My fairy house on a real Bonsai tree !!!!!

I’ve received from a fan an exciting challenge : sculpting a fairy house on a real bonsai tree . For this project I didn’t use polymer clay but “Apoxysculpt” from Aves ( www.clayalley.com). With this non toxic clay I was able to make a durable and  waterproof creation. This project was a real success !! after the fairy house was sculpted on it , the tree started blooming !!! Aves, the maker of Apoxysculpt was also thrilled about this project that they talked about it on the Aves’s official site . Go and check some... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2009

WIP Darjeeling

I sculpted a fairy in a teacup ...I made the whole figure in skin colored polymer clay (Fimo) . I always start with head and body and cure the fairy inside the cup ..yep , the cup also gets into the oven ... then I add the arms and cure again... Painting the eyes ... Final painting and adding finishing touch ..tatsaaaaaa !!
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04 mars 2009

WIP Morrigane

Yep yep, Ive dared myself to begin a huge ( huuh..a more bigger ihih ) creation that needs armature otherwise it would collapse ....the final body posture is quit challenging ( she is standing ) I really cannot work like most artist do: making a full armature and build the clay around it ...so what I do is making the armature peice by piece .... I wil be working with polymer clay and epoxy to create more strenght and also to cure as minimum as possible I  hope she will turn out awesome , she will get a... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2009

Purple Rain Fairy

I was planning on making a fairy doll standing straight  with a long skirt  in polymer clay. Because the legs and feet will be invisible , I don’t need to sculpt them so  I will create the lower body with skirt  out  of one lump of clay  (1 part lower body ) Its maybe a lazy way of working but lots of artists work that way , making no legs but a cone shaped lowerbody . They create  an easy  and stable base for a doll , just introducing a long stick in the upperbody as long as the legs in... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2009

Sculpting and doll making tutorials

On this page you can find great suclpting and doll making tutorials made by other talented sculptors /artists. These turorials with lots of pictures can be very usefull to help you out with your first steps in doll making ...so , learn from them and have some great sculpting fun !! keep checking this page often because I keep adding tutorials ... How to make a full fairy figure: http://www.goddess-dreams.com/tutorials.html http://members.miniature.net/lyn/index.html ... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2009

Expo's in 2009

11 & 12 April  2009 / TROLLS & LEGENDS / Mons (Belgium ) for more info : http://www.trolls-et-legendes.be/2009/index-en.htm
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03 mars 2009

how to make Pearlex Paint

I was trying to find a new way of using the pearlex powders and I came up with a new kind of paint ...   TIP: the grey silver colored pearl ex paint gives a very realistic sardine or oyster colored mermaidtail ...
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