30 juin 2009

Working on new stuff ....

yeah, I ve been quiet for some time , but that doesnt mean I havent been busy sculpting .... but hey , some things take more time then expected and I must say Im not in such a hurry at all hihih ... there's a time for everything I guess I would like you to show you some creations that are still pending and waiting to be finished ....    
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30 juin 2009


OOH Im so thrilled to tell you all !!!! I will become a mother for the first time in february 2010!!!! Im soo happy!!!..... Patiently waiting for my child to be born , I sculpted a tiny baby wrapped into leaves like a cocoon to keep it save and warm representing my little child inside me  ... The sculpting was a succes , but the painting was a bit more difficult then I thought ...mmhh....I dont have much patience with paint I must admid hihihih ....Im glad with the result , even if it could have been even  better if... [Lire la suite]
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17 juin 2009

My banners for link exchange

hello, I made some two new banners that you caqn use if you would like to link to my blog !! Do no hesitate to contact me for a link exchange !!    
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02 juin 2009

WIP Luz De Mar

A simple but beautiful IKEA Lamp....a "fairy" tiny idea ...and hopefully a "fairy " great result hihihi !!!!! I wanted to decorate this lamp i got from my husband (who works at Ikea ) with a polymer clay figurine...   I went for a mermaid in 2 dimentions ( having a flat back )... I used white fimo clay instead of the skin colored one I normally would use  ...Djee , I can assure you that sculpting with this clay is not easy at all !!!!!! Fingerprints are very visible and difficult to... [Lire la suite]
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29 mai 2009

SWAP with Shiva

This is my first SWAP ever ...and I must say it was an inspiring and challenging experience ...so I think i will do this more often !! I met Shiva on my Trolls & Legends expo . She's a very talented jewerly artist and she proposed me the following SWAP: I make two fimo clay faces for her that she can use in her own jewelry creations and she makes me a unique necklace. These are the faces I made for her ... I recently saw on her blog that she already made gorgeous creations with my heads  ...wow , I was ... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2009

WIP of Poison Ivy

I'm just back from a relaxed vacation in Portugal ....I really enjoyed it ...In between the long beach promenades , great restaurants , family reunions and romantic trips with my husband, I ve been thinking about my newest creation I wanted to start ...my own personal version of "Poison Ivy" ... I started with a sketch some time ago ....I was thinking of a very slim fairy in the colors (poison)green and black with some red colored details.... After making the head , I decided that this creation will become another... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2009

WIP Hydrangea

I'm still have lots of other clay projects pending , but my hands were soo itchy to make a whole new project ...and this time I went for a chubby one ...this fimo fairy will be having lots of artificial hydrangea flower decorations so that's why I will call her Hydrangea  ...OK , not so original but hey...hihih This fairy is much bigger than I usually make ...if you know what I mean hihih ...this fairy is completely made of skin colored polymer clay (fimo ) and then painted with gouache paint (magenta color) ... ... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2009

WIP of " Claro Obscuro " (commision piece)

Hello , I finally started to work on a commision piece . The buyer  wanted a "good" fairy and a "bad" fairy in one  creation and the figurines had to be opposed but complementary at the same time ... that wasnt an easy one ...Ive been thinking about this piece for quiet a while ..I really didnt get a clear image myself of this creation , I really didnt get inspired at all ... So time flew by and thank God I recently met this person again on "Trolls & legends" so we could discuss it... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2009

My alternative to doll lashes

Your doll's eyes will really come to life when you also add doll lashes ...I never added any lashes myself, untill very recently ...I also paint the lashes but its doesnt give the same natural result Ive bought nice lashes on a string at www.triskelfantasy.com which are high quality , naturaly looking and very fine so can also to be used for smaller dolls ...Yes, some extra care and  practice are needed to fix such delicate and small items with tacky glue on the corner of a doll's eye . The smaller the eye , the more difficult... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2009

New inspirations ...

...ideas and inspiration always come when I less expect it ...they always appear to me in the middle of the night  or while sitting in the bus or on my work ihihih ...So, when I cant work them out right away , I draw some sketches so I dont forget ... ...I hope I will make them come alive in clay ...one day ...when you less expect it hihihihih
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