11 mars 2010

Angel for a day (picture album )

Did I ever tell you that I have a weakness for photography ?? I really like the idea of making one single picture that can say more than thousand words ...It's great to see how a picture can sepak for itself ... I wanted to share the picture album "Angel for a day " which I made last year . I made the pictures with a simple camera (hey Im just an amateur you know hihi )  trying to capture the innocense and pure beauty of an angel ... . The eldest daughter of my sister , Nina (8years old) is the magnifiscent... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2010

Message from a fan ...

One of my fairies , the old granny Diva , flew away ..very far away ..all the way to the USA !! You must know I kinda got attached to this old granny fairy so it was pretty hard to let her go ... Its Mrs. Arvita who adopted her and gave my fairy a special place into her home and heart . She was so thrilled having it that she posed for this great picture ... Well , it makes me feel soo good inside knowing that my fairy is being loved so much ...Thanks Arvita for being such fan ànd friend !!!!
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23 février 2010

something more important than sculpting ...!!

hello dear visiting friends, Im sorry for not posting anything lately but Im busy with something more important than sculpting ..more important than anything in fact ...Im proud to announce you that I gave birth to my first child on 10th february 2010. I'm a happy and proud mother of a baby boy called Elyas (weight : 3kg370/ lenght : 51cm) . So , I won't have time for sculpting or posting on this blog a lot for quiet some time , but I will try to catch up with you all very soon . Although , you can always contact me by... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2010

WIP 3 "Physalis" / painting + wings + NEW NAME ?

This is my next step : I painted the sleeves in the same color as the dress and the eyes were painted with brown colored gouache paint . I was pretty happy with this result  , but she got ...well, how to say ....very brown huh hhihihih .... To lighten up the overwhelming brown color , I added some tiny golden accents in her hair and gave my fairy some colored wings . These awesome wings were handmade by fairy artist Astrid Mulders (www.fairydreams.nl) . Aren't they great !!!!!!! So that's what she looks like for now ... ... [Lire la suite]
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16 janvier 2010

WIP 3 of Fairy "Physalis" / THE BIG CHANGE !!!

Thanks to some great suggestion from other artist friends, I finally decided not to throw away my fairy who really got messed up ...I was afraid to make anymore changes risking to ruin her even more .... I decided to sculpt some sleeves and hair and cure one last time ...yes, the face has "tanned" a bit more but now the color diffrence seems less obvious , with the hair plugs covering the problem areas ....I also decided not to use the physalis fruit parts because they just dont fit ....so this fairy will get a completely... [Lire la suite]
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13 janvier 2010

WIP 2 of "Physalis" / BIG TROUBLE !!!!!!!

I worked further on my newest fairy ..I painted her outfit  with brown acrylic paint ...looks like leather ... And then I added the arms and ears and cured once again  ....and that's when I got into BIG TROUBLE !!!!! Well, you already know that polymer clay may darken a little bit while curing but this time I got a huuuge color difference !!!!!!!  See it ?? I guess that's what you risk if you cure your creation more then once,  building up piece by piece , like I always do ...but hey , its... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2010

WIP 1 of "Physalis"

hello ,  I started this new year 2010 with a new fairy in my oven hihihih !!! I dont know how she's gonna turn out , let's say I dont have concrete plans for her except that I will use brown and gold color shades and I also would like to use pieces of an exotic fruit called "physalis" . I ate the yellow - orange fruit and its the fragile and paperlike covering leaves that I will use of course hihih OK,I started off with the head which  is not very perfect I must admid   ...I will... [Lire la suite]
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03 janvier 2010

Mentionned at " La Companie des Creatices "

Hello, Im proud to announce that my blog has been mentionned at the "La companie des creatrices" blog where you can discover the work of lots of talented people , mostly jewerly creators but also lots of other artists that make great unique creations ! http://ciedescreatrices.canalblog.com/archives/2009/12/p10-0.html PS: merçi Shiva !!!!!
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24 décembre 2009

My christmas wishes to you all !!!!

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12 décembre 2009

In the middle of unfinished work ...

Hello, Just to tell you I'm having lots of clay fun and Im trying to get some creations done by the end of this year ...I hope .... some pictures of unfinished creations .... I've also tried to make  a new baby ... ...too bad the baby ended up too big to put into a beautiful ceramic egg ...I 'll have to find another base ppffffff ... ...I also  took some time to make a new stock of usuable polymer clay ...I have 2 packages I dont use ..The first is fimo clay which got too hard and crumbly ... [Lire la suite]
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