19 août 2011

A new paper collage and framed fairy !!

Hello dear friends, Ive got addicted to these paper collages Ive been working on ... I just looove the idea of creating my own fairy scenes and they make perfect gifts for friends and family ... here is another captured fairy I made this morning. Thanks for watching !  
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13 août 2011

Captured fairy in a picture frame

We stay in the fairy world but no sculpting this time . We are gonna have fun with lots of paper ,cutting and glueing hihih ... I've been inspired by the beautifyl "captured fairies in glass jar " which are fairy sceneries made from paper and put into a glass jar. Well, this is my version .. I will use a flatt picture frame with glass instead of the traditional  . First , you must take quiet some time to search for good pictures into magazines or any other book you want ...but that's something I like doing hihih so I don't... [Lire la suite]
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20 juillet 2011

Dryad WIP

hello !!! I wanted to show you someting Ive been working a few months ago but I still need to finish it . I made a polymer clay figure on a piece of wood . It represents a "dryad" or wood spirit" .    Afterwards I will paint it with acrylics . I wanted to use antique patina , but Im afraid it will react chemically with the polymer clay ...   And then,  I will fix the creation  on a fine metal stick so it can be posed ... thanks for watching !!!  
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03 juillet 2011

WINNER / Contest 1

sorry for being a bit late ... It's time to check out who is become the lucky winner of the fairy baby adopting contest . I wish to thank all of you who participated with the contest , Im sooo honoured to see how much people like my creations !!! OK , lets go to the winner selection...I put all the contestent's names on a yellow paper and put them all in a glass ... now just waiting for my son to pick out the first one ... and the lucky winner is ....tataaaaaaa.... Yep , Sandy Darling , you won !!! I will contact you be email... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2011


BABY CREATION TO WIN / BEBE FEE A GAGNER !!!!! "Ones in a while I find a tiny faerie baby in my mother's garden . It needs a lot of care and love . Do you want to open you heart and adopt this faerie baby ? " De temps en temps, le monde feerique laisse un des leurs petit bébé dans le jardin de ma mère . Ce petit rejeton a besoin d'amour et soins . Veux tu ouvrir ton coeur et adopter ce bébé fée ? This faerie child has been handmade by me and YOU can "win" it !!! Cet enfant féerique est crée à la main par moi et TOI tu peux... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2011


Djee, it has already been a month or so ago that I exposed at Troll & Legends ..which was a huge succes by the way !!! I had a great sale and a looot of fun !!! It was sooo great to meet my "sculpting" friends again , I woudn't have done it without their support :   Martine & her amazing gourd Gnomes :     And also Chantal (Miss Troll) and her colorful trolls :       I ve also had the pleasure to get to meet a very talented hat designer :     Trolls & Legends is... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2011

WIP of Sinnerella

Thank God I was able to finish this next fairy for my Trolls é Legends expo this weekend !!! her head and upperbody are made of fimo clay . Her eyes are closed .  She has no legs , the lower body has been replaced by a white chandeler . The body has been draped with pieces of different kinds of fabric and I fixed them on the body with tacky glue . The wings Im trying on her are made by the talented Fairy doll maker "Astrid Mulder" .   Then, ,the arms are made with fimo clay on mettalic wire and attached... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2011

wip of "ukkipukkie"

hello everybody . As you know Im making some new fairies for my upcoming expo but as I dont have much time I dont make very sofisticated or time consuming things. This new creation is an "ukkipukki" , a child from the gnome family that is sleeping in a tiny coffee cup . Because coffee is black I made a "black" version of the ukkipukkie hihih .. You can only see the arms and head but I did make the complete (yet very basic) body put inside the cup ...I didnt want to be too cheap or too lazy  hihihihihi This is how she looked... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2011

WIP bluette

Ive been trying to speed up my sculpting because of TROLLS & LEGENDS coming up so I though I'd start with two fairies on a tile (to hang on your wall)  . I used scrap pieces of ceramic tiles as base for he following fairy : I sculpted and cured in several times ... I painted the stockings before adding the arms . The wings made of wire dipped in some "dip it fantasy film resin (http://www.clayalley.com/dipit.htm). Afterwards I painted them with blue gouache paint and glitter .     ... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2011

TROLLS & LEGENDES 2011 coming up !!!!!

Hey hey everybody !!! The Trolls & Legendes 2011 event in april is coming up and the theme of this years is "Dragons " And yes,  I will be exposing my creations there !!!! ( That really motivates me to keep on claying hihihi ) And I also have the honour to stand next to my best friend friend- sculptress Martine ( les gnomes de martine  http://users.skynet.be/gnomes/pages/informations.html ). See you there and check out our newest creations !!!! Anyway, trolls & legends is in everyway... [Lire la suite]
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