this is all about the building up process story of some of my sculptures !
14 mars 2016

WIP = the dream safe keeper

hey people !! Such a loong time ..well you know how it goes ... But I was really happy to pickup my clay again and work on so many projects I left behind ... Remeber this cutie ? Now , check out what she's becoming ... I combined the polymer clay upperbody with (very cheap) airdrying clay form the Action shop I was really impressed beacuse the clay ended up to be marvelous !! Soo nice to work with ..its easy to smooth , kinda elastic...its doesnt crumble thats for sure !!! The clay allowed me to create the impression of... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2014

Masquerade on toxic Soil : new doll + WIP

hello ,  ... I was very happy to finally finish a doll ment for a contest in Holland. The "theme "of the contest was "masquerade" and  dont ask where it came from but I though of a very trash stampunk doll ...not really my style ahhaha....anyway this doll was a realy blast , soooo fun to make !! OK , I started with the doll's head and upperbody , as usual. Completely made of fimo polymer clay :                             The lower body... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2014

Chakra Swirl : WIP

"Chakra Swirl ": my idea was of making a woman caught in a magical  swirl of precious stones,representing all the chakras in the body . l'idee est de creer une femme dans une sprirale pleine de pierres precieuses representant tous les 7 chakras dans le corps. I started with the head and torso made of polymer clay completely made with polymer clay Fimo. Still need to add the arms and hair . The biggest challenge will be creating the swirl -spiral with metallic wire ..Ttill figuring out how Im gonna do this ..with a touch of... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2013

WIP : fairy getting haircut and wings !!

Thinking about the hairlook for this fairy I just  came by a field full of « meadow barly » (thanks , Google hihi) . En pensant à une  coiffure pour ma creation, me voilà que je passe devant un champ plein d’ Orge faux-seigle (merci google hih)   And check out the result , how cool it that , very “afro” ahahha: I spent 3 hours ( but very fun ones) adding  tiny plugs one by one on the head ; I first added some fress clay on the back of the head so I could insert the tiny plugs Et voila ce que... [Lire la suite]
09 juin 2013

a fairy ... a pixie ...I still dont know

Ive been working on a fairy like figure this weekend and I dont know how she will end up ...she could be a forest fairy , a pixie , a firefly ...we'll see :-) Here are some WIP pictures. She's completely made of polymer clay fimo and she has been build up and precured with help of my cool heatgun ...and yep , she has lost an ear while I was taking a picture ..ppff ....pre-cured fairy ears (with heatgun) are the  first to break off ...hahaha yep , you may have noticed that the back of the head is very flat , but thats done... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2012


  Hello dear friends, After two full years I finally picked up my courage and my clay !! I start off making creations as gifts and “give aways” before I start selling or exposing anything . I’m very happy with my never-ending imagination and unique style but my sculpting level could get better . So this year will be a learning process in which I hope I will get better sculpting results and get that peace of mind and body I’m still searching for . OK, stop talking and start sculpting ahhahaha . As usual, I start with the... [Lire la suite]
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20 juillet 2011

Dryad WIP

hello !!! I wanted to show you someting Ive been working a few months ago but I still need to finish it . I made a polymer clay figure on a piece of wood . It represents a "dryad" or wood spirit" .    Afterwards I will paint it with acrylics . I wanted to use antique patina , but Im afraid it will react chemically with the polymer clay ...   And then,  I will fix the creation  on a fine metal stick so it can be posed ... thanks for watching !!!  
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20 avril 2011

WIP of Sinnerella

Thank God I was able to finish this next fairy for my Trolls é Legends expo this weekend !!! her head and upperbody are made of fimo clay . Her eyes are closed .  She has no legs , the lower body has been replaced by a white chandeler . The body has been draped with pieces of different kinds of fabric and I fixed them on the body with tacky glue . The wings Im trying on her are made by the talented Fairy doll maker "Astrid Mulder" .   Then, ,the arms are made with fimo clay on mettalic wire and attached... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2011

wip of "ukkipukkie"

hello everybody . As you know Im making some new fairies for my upcoming expo but as I dont have much time I dont make very sofisticated or time consuming things. This new creation is an "ukkipukki" , a child from the gnome family that is sleeping in a tiny coffee cup . Because coffee is black I made a "black" version of the ukkipukkie hihih .. You can only see the arms and head but I did make the complete (yet very basic) body put inside the cup ...I didnt want to be too cheap or too lazy  hihihihihi This is how she looked... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2011

WIP bluette

Ive been trying to speed up my sculpting because of TROLLS & LEGENDS coming up so I though I'd start with two fairies on a tile (to hang on your wall)  . I used scrap pieces of ceramic tiles as base for he following fairy : I sculpted and cured in several times ... I painted the stockings before adding the arms . The wings made of wire dipped in some "dip it fantasy film resin ( Afterwards I painted them with blue gouache paint and glitter .     ... [Lire la suite]
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