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07 juin 2013

heat gun is such a cool sculpting tool !!!!

Ok , a heat gun is normally used for embossing but this great tool is also great for making dolls . let me explain how it works (for me :-))  : When I make complex sculptures I need to work in several stages  and every stage needs to be baked off so it would not collapse while sculpting on it ...and sometimes its just for baking a single leg ..what a waist of time and energy . Well, the heat gun gives you the possibilty to bake off a a precise spot without using the oven and allows you to bake the arm you just... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2009

My alternative to doll lashes

Your doll's eyes will really come to life when you also add doll lashes ...I never added any lashes myself, untill very recently ...I also paint the lashes but its doesnt give the same natural result Ive bought nice lashes on a string at which are high quality , naturaly looking and very fine so can also to be used for smaller dolls ...Yes, some extra care and  practice are needed to fix such delicate and small items with tacky glue on the corner of a doll's eye . The smaller the eye , the more difficult... [Lire la suite]
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09 avril 2009

How to use old & crumbly polymer clay

Yes, it's true , after being stocked for quiet some time but not baked yet , polymer clay becomes hard and crumbly and becomes very difficult to use . So I would like to share with you my trick of how the make old polymer clay usefull again ,making advantage of the crumbly texture ... 1. Take a piece of old hard clay ( I used the red metallic color ) and a piece of SOFT fimo in a contrasting color (white is a very good choice ) 2. Put the crumbled clay inside the soft one and start mixing very carefull and not too... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2009

Its all about the eyes ...

When I started to make my fairies, I used rocaille beads as eyes .  These beads were easy to get (in any craft of jewely making store) , available in lots of colors , heat resistant , cheap and easy to use but only for very tiny creations ... Soon I started to make bigger creations and I also wanted a more " real like"  look so I searched for other alternatives ... The glass (handblown and painted ) and acryl eyes are "ready made" eyes  and are really awesome because they look soo real... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2009

My love for gouache paint ...

I guess I my must be the only fairy doll maker who paints a  lot with gouache paint !!! I use the jars from Talens which are available in lots of colors , and availble in most local craft stores (in Belgium anyway ) and are not that expensice BUT remember it is not a permanent paint (not fixing and not waterproof!!)  and thats maybe why doll makers dont use it .... well, their loss because working with this kind of paint allows me to create nice colors shades , and being water based like aquarel  , the... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2009

how to make Pearlex Paint

I was trying to find a new way of using the pearlex powders and I came up with a new kind of paint ...   TIP: the grey silver colored pearl ex paint gives a very realistic sardine or oyster colored mermaidtail ...
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