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24 septembre 2013

CONCOURS !!gagnez le livre "Fleurs en relief" de Création my way !!!

  Découvrez le livre de Florence Minne-Khou, alias - Création my way  "Fleurs en relief" en pâte polymère  Visitez son blog : et participez à son super concours ! gagnez le livre "Fleurs en relief" de Création my way !! Comme pour son premier livre, elle organise une petite loterie promotionnelle.  Il y a trois livres à gagner !!!!! (avec une petite dédicace perso) Règles de la loterie: 1) Laisser un petit... [Lire la suite]
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15 mai 2013

Free concert NEBOA fryday 17/05/2013 in Aarschot

heello , OOOOps did'nt I tell you that , next to sculpting , I also sing and play percussion ??? well, let me present you NEBOA ( )!! We are 4 friends who play traditional galician ( spanish ) music which we give our own twist . We combine polyphonic singing with traditional percussion and bloom it with a touch of accordeon , bendir, shells ,... And yep, we are in concert this friday in Aarschot . The entrance is free !!! Maybe see you there ...For more info : ... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2011


Djee, it has already been a month or so ago that I exposed at Troll & Legends ..which was a huge succes by the way !!! I had a great sale and a looot of fun !!! It was sooo great to meet my "sculpting" friends again , I woudn't have done it without their support :   Martine & her amazing gourd Gnomes :     And also Chantal (Miss Troll) and her colorful trolls :       I ve also had the pleasure to get to meet a very talented hat designer :     Trolls & Legends is... [Lire la suite]
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27 décembre 2010

My best wishes to you all ....

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20 mai 2010

Marché Medieval Etterbeek 2010 !!!

This weekend I will be visiting the great medieval Market in Brussels (Etterbeek)  where my friend Martine is exposing her gnomes there !! Avenue du 2ème Régiment de Lanciers 1040 Bruxelles (ETTERBEEK) de vendredi (friday) 21 mai 2010 au dimanche (sunday) 23 mai 2010      vendredi (friday)  : 18:00-22:00      samedi (saturday:) 10:00-22:00      dimanche (sunday )  : 10:00-20:00 Come enjoy... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2010

saying goodbye ...

Most of you already know but Hannie sarris has suddenly past away on the 2nd of May 2010... She was a very nominated and respected "star" in the dollmaking community but most of all she was  a beautiful person with a big heart and gentle loving soul . I truely admired her in every way ...I had the priviledge to know her and I was a proud member of her Fairy Fantasy Forum (Yahoo Group ) that she created. Take some time to admire her beautiful creations who were truely the reflection of her beautiful sweet... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2010

Message from a fan ...

One of my fairies , the old granny Diva , flew away ..very far away ..all the way to the USA !! You must know I kinda got attached to this old granny fairy so it was pretty hard to let her go ... Its Mrs. Arvita who adopted her and gave my fairy a special place into her home and heart . She was so thrilled having it that she posed for this great picture ... Well , it makes me feel soo good inside knowing that my fairy is being loved so much ...Thanks Arvita for being such fan ànd friend !!!!
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03 janvier 2010

Mentionned at " La Companie des Creatices "

Hello, Im proud to announce that my blog has been mentionned at the "La companie des creatrices" blog where you can discover the work of lots of talented people , mostly jewerly creators but also lots of other artists that make great unique creations ! PS: merçi Shiva !!!!!
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07 décembre 2009

Expo Sales at Kunstatelier "Steenborre"

Thanks to my friend and jewelry maker Shiva , I met another talented artist , Viviane Mahy. She is a painter but also makes beautiful and unique (silver) jewelry . She asked me if I could expose and sell some of my faerie creations in her Atelier in Buizingen !! So Im proud to announce you that from now you can discover and buy some of my creations at Viviane Mahy’s Kunstatelier "Steenborre” . Of course, there you can also admire and buy Viviane’s art and Shiva’s jewelry creations. ... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2009

My "polymer clay clothing & hair " project

The moderators of the  "Beginners Polymer Clay Art Guild " Yahoo Group have asked me if I could set up a project for the members showing my polymer clay dressing and hair technique . They wanted me to show how I dress a doll (standing and sitting ) and give her a hair cut with polymer clay !!! I must say it was lots of work but also very fun to do !!! Its the first time I ever made such "tutorial" ...thank God I recieved a lot of help from the friendly group moderators !!! Thanks girls !!! I was so... [Lire la suite]
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