12 avril 2013

New faerie paper collage and mystic painting

hello , Im baaaaaack !!!! I started back on sculpting but at the smae time I amsued myself with some faerie paper collage and I experienced with ecoline paint on a canvas which was ...hmmhhh... very messy ahahhahaha here a picture of the collage .al the paper pieces come from womon's magasines like "Flair", "Libelle", ...  She got a special place in the living room of a friend ...merci , Noemie ;-) and here a picture of my painting ... even if I must say there was nothing much to paint hahahah

10 juin 2012

Working with Powertex - a modern vase

I wanted to make something special and unique for my mother on mother's day and I decided to make a vase using a round shaped styrofoam and powertex . I started by giving the styrofoam some texture by removing bits and pieces with a knife . Then I "painted" the styrofoam with bronze colored powertex and then finished with stone art powder and leave it to dry Then, I repeated the same procedure but with the ivory colored Powertex untill I became this result . I aslo fixed 3 glass tubes ( at the floral art... [Lire la suite]
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19 août 2011

A new paper collage and framed fairy !!

Hello dear friends, Ive got addicted to these paper collages Ive been working on ... I just looove the idea of creating my own fairy scenes and they make perfect gifts for friends and family ... here is another captured fairy I made this morning. Thanks for watching !  
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13 août 2011

Captured fairy in a picture frame

We stay in the fairy world but no sculpting this time . We are gonna have fun with lots of paper ,cutting and glueing hihih ... I've been inspired by the beautifyl "captured fairies in glass jar " which are fairy sceneries made from paper and put into a glass jar. Well, this is my version .. I will use a flatt picture frame with glass instead of the traditional  . First , you must take quiet some time to search for good pictures into magazines or any other book you want ...but that's something I like doing hihih so I don't... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2010

A floral composition

I like to  be surrounded by plants and (artificial) flowers and now and then I have fun making my own floral compositions . This time  I used a square flat vase and tiny pieces from artificial plants which I will introduce in it . This will be a centerpeice on my low table in the living room ... I start by filling the vase with green oase foam ... ...and introduce an artifial green leaf ball in the middle and the idea is to continue adding flowers following the shape the the green ball. Whatever you do, aways... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2010

forgotten paintings !!!

While cleaning up my stuff , I found two paintings I made a few years ago ..djee I completely forgot about them  !!!! I kinda remembered I had a lot of fun making them but dont ask me how I managed to get such nice results , I just know I didnt think while painting and if I may be honest I just splashed randomly some paint on paper without really expecting something hihih , kinda neat result for such ...hum hum ...easy way to paint ihihih , I dont knwo if I can still call it painting !!!! Anyway,  Im sure I woudn't be able... [Lire la suite]
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11 mars 2010

Angel for a day (picture album )

Did I ever tell you that I have a weakness for photography ?? I really like the idea of making one single picture that can say more than thousand words ...It's great to see how a picture can sepak for itself ... I wanted to share the picture album "Angel for a day " which I made last year . I made the pictures with a simple camera (hey Im just an amateur you know hihi )  trying to capture the innocense and pure beauty of an angel ... . The eldest daughter of my sister , Nina (8years old) is the magnifiscent... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2009

Making "Firefly" pendants

Sometimes I really dont feel like sculpting but my hands are still itching ...so I thought I 'd make some jewelry with glow-in-the-dark pebbles and with just a few tools and wire (I used black one) you can have lots of fun .... yes yes , these pebbles really light up in the dark !!!! I took two pieces of wire of the same lenght ... and I twist them in the middle and obtain a loop in which you can introduce a lace ... and now the fun part : twisting the wire around the pebble ...The difficult part was to... [Lire la suite]
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