Ive been working on a fairy like figure this weekend and I dont know how she will end up ...she could be a forest fairy , a pixie , a firefly ...we'll see :-)

Here are some WIP pictures. She's completely made of polymer clay fimo and she has been build up and precured with help of my cool heatgun ...and yep , she has lost an ear while I was taking a picture ..ppff ....pre-cured fairy ears (with heatgun) are the  first to break off ...hahaha




yep , you may have noticed that the back of the head is very flat , but thats done on purpose : If you add hair afterwards, it will end up looking more natural . otherwise you might get the "the wig is too big on my head" -feeling ahhahaha

Now she's going into the oven for a normal cure before  I start adding the arms ....