Ok , a heat gun is normally used for embossing but this great tool is also great for making dolls .


let me explain how it works (for me :-))  :

When I make complex sculptures I need to work in several stages  and every stage needs to be baked off so it would not collapse while sculpting on it ...and sometimes its just for baking a single leg ..what a waist of time and energy .

Well, the heat gun gives you the possibilty to bake off a a precise spot without using the oven and allows you to bake the arm you just have added and you dont need to put the complete figure into the oven , how cool is that !!!!

DSCN0432  It take juste a minute or three to prebake a small head .

 But be carefull with several things :

- the heat gun is very hot so dont put the gun too close to your figure (and your fingers hahaha)  because it may get burned bad !!!

- dont touch your figure just after heating !! Let you figure cool off before you pick it up again , the warm clay is very soft !!

-  Be carefull :the polymer clay is "prebaked" so its not fully cured and although it feels hard , it remaines  very fragile and can break off very easily so handle your figure  with care while sculpting on it again  !!!!!! This means that , curing with a heatgun doesnt replace baking with the oven. Just use the heatgun for prebaking in between the sculpting and then you need bake off your complete figure one last time in the oven as usual !!!!

have fun !!!